There are many state mandated programs and requirements that are rapidly increasing energy costs for California farmers and food processors compared to the rest of the nation – making our business climate more challenging.

One of AECA’S primary missions continues to be to advocate for fair, just, reasonable, stable and competitive energy rates and policies.

If left unchecked, California’s already expensive energy rates will continue to rise.

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Tipping Point

California’s electricity rates are already double the national average, and California’s electricity rates are rising five times faster than the rest of the country. Utility investments to reduce the risk of wildfires are ensuring California’s already sky high electricity rates go even higher.

Sparking Destruction

AECA remains strongly concerned with the state's response to recent catastrophic wildfires. PG&E's continued propensity for neglecting system maintenance resulting in record-setting wildfires, and leaving ratepayers to pay for their disastrous missteps is particularly concerning.