PG&E’s $65 Million CEO

Photo courtesy of Patti Poppe LinkedIn profile

August 2023

Patti Poppe likes to portray herself as just another rank-and-file utility worker. But how many utility workers have been compensated more than $65 million* over the past two years? Just one! Patricia “Patti” Poppe, CEO of PG&E. In fact, her total compensation was not only the highest of any utility CEO in the nation in 2021, but almost double the compensation of any other utility CEO**.

As energy rates continue to skyrocket, PG&E Patti is laughing all the way to the bank. Low income residents are particularly hard hit, but the impacts of high natural gas and electricity rates are harming all residential, business and agricultural customers alike. 

That’s no laughing matter!

*PG&E Corporation, 2023 Joint Proxy Statement

**Electric utility CEO pay gap widens as groups push to link executive compensation and decarbonization