Legislative Activity

AECA staff remains hard at work in the California legislature in favor of agricultural energy users. Continue reading for more information on bill’s AECA is currently actively engaged on. Click the links below for letters further detailing AECA’s positions on these bills.

Assembly Bill 9 (Muratsuchi) would jeopardize the Cap and Trade program, a critical tool for California businesses to comply with the State’s ambitious climate goals. OPPOSE

Assembly Bill 324 (Pacheco) would require procurement of highly expensive and highly volatile hydrogen for injection into the state’s existing natural gas pipelines. OPPOSE

Assembly Bill 914 (Friedman) would expedite utility interconnections and infrastructure expansion projects. SUPPORT

Senate Bill 253 (Wiener) would require any company with revenue over $1 billion to report all greenhouse gas emissions data associated with their entire supply chain supply chain. OPPOSE

Senate Bill 261 (Stern) would require a broad range of business entities to prepare and submit to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) a climate-related financial risk report. OPPOSE

Senate Bill 709 (Allen) will eliminate the dairy sector’s ability to continue reducing methane emissions as well as undermine the state’s short-lived climate pollutant reduction strategy. OPPOSE

Assembly Bill 678 (Alvarez) would have further increase the already high, and rapidly rising, cost of natural gas in the state, burdening residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers. AECA’s advocacy efforts secured amendments, protecting ratepayer costs. AECA is now neutral on the bill.