AECA remains strongly concerned about the state’s response to recent catastrophic wildfires. Click below for more.

Tipping Point

How Rapidly Rising Energy Costs Could Harm State Economy and Climate Programs

Convicted Felon!

Californians can't afford to have a convicted felon running our energy grid.


Trust takes years to develop, seconds to lose and forever to regain.

Unholy Alliance

Politics sometimes makes for strange bedfellows. But longtime political observers know that when insurance companies and trial attorneys are on the same side somebody else is getting taken to the cleaners.

Hail Mary

The PG&E Shareholder Bailout Plan risks the future for short-term Wall Street gains. These hedge fund fat cats are rolling the dice, but if their high-risk gambit fails it will be California ratepayers who AGAIN get stuck with the bill.

Take the Money and Run

Legislators would be wise to avoid becoming the next victims and look foolish when the vultures take the money and fly the coop.